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Md:Farhad Hossen
Jul 18, 2022
In Design Forum
SEO and get more views is before you even save it. Once you have an idea of ​​what your competitors are doing – the type of videos they produce, their engagement, the number of views they have, the metadata they use, etc. - it will make your job easier. to create a video that "one-ups" them, both in terms of having better content and being better optimized for YouTube's algorithm. After creating your video, it's time to think about uploading and optimizing. Again, the best time to optimize your metadata is before you upload your video - have your keywords, tags, title, description, and custom thumbnail ready before hitting the upload button. YouTube Tags: Doing Keyword Research When doing keyword research on YouTube, you want to try to find keywords that will drive traffic to your video. The best place to research keywords is on YouTube, but you should also use more traditional keyword research tools (like Google Search Raster to Vector Conversion Console, SEMrush, SEO Profiler, Moz, or others.) YouTube allows you to include "tags" to help you rank your video by keyword, but it limits the number of tags you can include. You'll want to look for multi-word tags (aka long-tail keywords) that relate specifically to the topic of your video. You should also use single-word tags and broad-term tags that relate to the larger topic of your video. ( Note: Do not use trademarks or copyrighted material in your metadata unless you have the owner's express permission to use them.) YouTube is good at semantically understanding your tags. Here is an example of tags for a video on " how to ask a guy out on a date" :
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